Thoughts on Self Care and the Working Mom

1 self care.jpgWhen is the last time you treated yourself to something nice? Being a fit mom myself, I don’t typically reward myself with food, my rewards usually come in the form of shoes or retail therapy. Hey, I’m just being honest. I’m not sure what a therapist would say, but it works for me!

Rewards? What am I a dog?

I’m talking about those moments when you know you’ve done well. The days when you hit your goals, in life, in fitness, in income, or whatever. I love challenging myself and I love rewarding myself when I know I’ve hit an outcome I was striving for. Whether ambition drives you, helping others, or maybe it’s something else…we all have to acknowledge ourselves when we do well.

I remember when I was freshly married. Ahh the newly wed days. I was always looking for my husband to give me some short of recognition or encouragement. After a few years of marriage under our belt I’ve learned, sometimes, I have to be my own encourager, my own cheerleader and my own happiness coach.

This week, I spent some time a a few women’s conferences in Chicago. It was a total blast to get out of the house and get all dressed up (farewell yoga pants). I always seem to sense a common theme among women entrepreneurs, moms in the corporate world or even stay at home moms. It’s like an unescapable guilt.

I hate that.

Self love, self care, feeling beautiful…none of this should pose the feeling of guilt upon us. I guess it takes conditioning.

Negative thoughts can be replaced, with encouraging thoughts. After all, if we don’t give ourselves the TLC we need, it’ll be harder for us to be good wives and mothers.

(Side note! I recommend popping over to Sole Society where I scored these fabulous wedges.)

When you have little success in life do you reward yourself? Share below I’d love to hear what you do!



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  1. Hi Susie,

    No working mom here but goodness gracious, I can relate on many levels. For me, I really love what I do, so much so that I forget to reward myself, to take the foot off of the pedal, and to enjoy the spoils of my work/play 😉 For example, we’re on a house sit in Bali. We watch 3 dogs, 3 cats and 35 chickens on a football/soccer field plot of land. It’s a villa too, stunningly awesome, but with the staff we oversee, and the animals, and their walks, and feedings, and looking out for cobras and pythons and all those critters, and then with my online stuff, I often neglect going to the stunning beaches or doing other stuff one should do in Bali.

    I’m publishing an eBook weekly and a 6,000 word post while writing for my clients and doing all my networking stuff too, while maintaining all these offline duties with the house sitting bit. Love my life but I’m learning how to do more fun stuff away from the laptop or tablet, so I can better enjoy the fun stuff I do both on and off the internet world thingee :)

    Susie, great reminder. Thanks!

    Tweeting from Bali.


  2. Yeh! It`s so hard to combine work, care for your child and self care, especially when you are a single mom. My best friend can be the ideal single mom with fruitful career and irreproachable appearance. She even manages to go dating with a man whom she met online ( ). There is nothing impossible!


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