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I am a firm believer that God has a plan for each of us. Sure we have a lot of twists and turns along the way.

We make some good decisions and some bad. Trust me, I’ve made many bad decisions. I’ve given my heart away too quickly and I’ve failed at so many relationships it’s not even funny. Nevertheless, we can always look to God for assistance, forgiveness and guidance.

My husband and I met on a Christian online dating site after we both had gone through some incredibly difficult times in our personal lives. Jason had gone through a difficult break-up and I had the guilt of a recent suicide on my shoulders. Could I have stopped my ex-boyfriend from suicide?

I don’t know.

Can you fix a person who is so broken inside and out? I thought I could. I wanted so badly to help him find joy. But in the end I would not let myself be dragged down into that lost and broken place. I had to end the relationship… and he decided to end his life.

I think we learn a lot in times of trial. We learn that we can not change people. We learn that there is nothing on earth that lasts forever. Only God’s love and grace… that’s all you can ever count on.

Although we had not yet met, I know that something changed inside Jason and I when we had our toughest moments in life. We both began to pray more, because we knew we could not control this crazy life. We knew that we had to surrender to God’s plan…

Let go, and let God lead. Jesus take the wheel. You know what I mean?

So, fast forward to when Jason and I met, sparks really flew! It was the most beautiful 65 degree, sunny spring day! We walked the streets of a quaint little resort town in Wisconsin. We grabbed an iced chai latte, talked for hours, sang the lyrics to our favorite country songs…it was so effortless.

No game playing. No doubts. No worries. Just pure peace. That’s what I remember most, a feeling that the moment was just perfect. Exactly where we were meant to be.

Throughout our dating life, we tried hard to live by God’s rules. We did not live together before marriage, we went to church together, we prayed, we tried to keep God in our relationship at all times.

Sure, we still went out to bars with friends and had a normal dating life. We’re not total religious nuts!

It’s true, though!

When you know. You know. Period.

We wanted to be together forever and we prayed that God would bless us with kids. After about a year and a half of dating Jason popped the question on July 4th 2010.

So, with fireworks blaring and crowds surrounding us, we decided to embark on a journey of eternal partnership.

Our wedding was wonderful! It was a 70 degree sunny day and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Jason gave a speech that was so heartfelt and amazing, there wasn’t a dry eye in that reception hall. Jason and I knew we wanted kids shortly after the wedding.

I wanted to stay home with my babies. It was always my dream. But we needed extra income and quite honestly I found a great deal of joy in working in online marketing.The creativity just lights up a side of me that I can’t quite explain. I guess you call it a creative outlet!

After spending tons of hours in front of my computer and teaching myself new skills, I learned how to create multiple income streams and work with businesses that I love!

Instead of sleeping or partying I was sitting at home learning.

And learning. And trying. And failing. And then trying some more!

I launched StayAtHomeSusie.com  in January of 2012. It was after the birth of my first child. Within about 5 months something crazy happened! My site exploded with visitors.

I mean 5,000-10,000 per day. As of today I’ve had over 2.2 million visitors on this blog!

Not just any web visitors though, real hard working, loving moms started sending me emails and trying to understand how I juggle a flexible career, a family, finances, relationships, kids etc.

So after answering TONS emails from amazing women all over the country I sharing my knowledge and inspiration with you!

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