One Simple Strategy to Significantly Increase Engagement on Social Media

There are countless posts about the top 3, 5, 7, 10, 20… strategies to get more traction on social media. I’ve tried plenty of them in a bid to increase my Facebook talking about rate, gain more retweets on Twitter and prompt someone to click the like button on LinkedIn. Facebook is probably the biggest challenge right now as most see their reach dramatically diminish.

However, there’s been one fairly simple task I’ve done that has seen an instant –and significant – increase in engagement on my social media channels.

What is it, you ask?

It’s going back to the grassroots of your business and determining who your ideal client is. This is something I first learnt from Marie Forleo, but have heard it again and again since. It’s the one thing that’s had the biggest impact on my business – and particularly my social media. You were probably hoping for me to give you the magic status update you could use and so, I’m guessing, you’re contemplating clicking away right now. But please, hold that trigger finger. You’ll be surprised at how much impact this can have – as long as you use it correctly.


Here’s an example:

If you’re a virtual assistant and you’re targeting momprenurs, you might create an ideal client profile of Lisa. Remember, this person is `ideal’, so you can create them in any way you want. So, this is our brief outline of Lisa:

Mompreneur Lisa

• Age: 35

• Lives in Atlanta with her husband and two young children

• Runs her own online business selling organizational products

• Interested in outsourcing some of her administrative and social media tasksdue to the increasing feeling of overwhelm as her business grows

• $100,000 revenue

• Uses Facebook at 7am at breakfast, 2.30pm when she’s in the car park picking up children from school and 7.30pm after her children are in bed

• Loves looking through Pinterest late at night to become inspired on organisational products and tips for her business

• Loves reading home and organizing magazines

Now, how does this help us with social media?

Well, we discover that Lisa likes Facebook and a little bit of Pinterest. Now, you can start to see that all that time invested into LinkedIn and Twitter may not be an ideal use of your time. We also determine that she’s on Facebook first thing in the morning while she’s eating her breakfast, again at 2.30pm when she’s in the car park picking up children from school and then at 7.30pm after she’s put the kids to bed and is sitting down to watch her favourite TV show.

Suddenly, your social media strategy looks like this:


Monday to Friday:

7am: Status to inspire

2.30pm: Blog post promo (twice a week)

7.30pm: Status to engage, incite conversation etc


Tuesdays and Thursdays:

8.30pm: Pin images


And the content?

You go from following what every social media expert tells you are the “secrets’” to getting engagement (ie, click like on this post, use more photos, post links in the comments section not the status, post late at night, use call to actions in your posts etc – all worthy tips, I might add and all worth trialling)


Statuses that resonate specifically with your ideal client and where she is at during that point in the day. Instead of a status that appeals to everyone – and hits no one – you now have a status that appeals to Lisa’s needs and her interests. They’re statuses that Lisa will be compelled to want to click `like’ on, she will want to leave a comment on and even maybe share with her followers. You know when she’s on social media, so you’re getting your message in front of her when she’s actually online to hear it.

So, you might go from:

“What’s the last movie you saw at the cinema?’’

(now, if Lisa has two small children, then going to the cinema might not be high on her agenda)


“Here are our top 3 tips for keeping your social media organized:

1. Use a dashboard and scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Bufferapp

2. Find and share content easily using Feedly.

3. Schedule social media time to avoid continually checking in.

What are your tips?’’

(Lisa will love that you’re giving her valuable content to help take away some of the overwhelm of social media and, being an organizing expert, probably has a few tips to add as well).


One question I get asked a lot is about finding the right voice and tone on social media. Often, when you just throw up a quick status you find yourself with far more engagement than when you pour over a status for 15 minutes. Strange, isn’t it? In many cases, what I’ve seen is it’s the voice and tone. It’s best to use the voice that

1. Works for you and how you would interact with clients and customers on a daily basis, and

2. Resonates with your ideal client.

Just because you’re an accountant, doesn’t mean you need to speak formally. If you’re quite conversational in your emails, then transfer that same tone and voice into your social media. People want to do business with people, not businesses. So make yourself sound human.

There’s a lot more you can do with your social media to tailor it to your ideal client, but this is a good start. So what are you waiting for? Create your own dream customer and then start thinking about what messages are going to have the biggest impact on that person. Step inside her shoes for a few moments, an hour or even a day. Have you created an ideal customer profile? How has it changed the way you post on social media?

This is a guest post by Kellie O’Brien

Journalist, author and speaker Kellie O’Brien is the director of Kellie O’Brien Media, a publicity and social media coaching business. Kellie empowers small to medium business owners to gain the attention their business deserves through the powerful combination of storytelling and free publicity. She recently launched Publicity Alchemy, an online program to learn how to effectively do your own public relations, without the need to outsource to a PR agency or pay their high fees. To learn more, visit or Feel free to connect with Kellie on Facebook and ask any questions about social media or ideal client profiles.

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