How To Naturally Stop a Canker Sore Before It Starts

Ok so picture this, cold weather begins, germs are all around. It seems like everyone I know if getting some type of virus.

If you feel a little burning on your lip, take these steps to ensure you reverse it and not let it turn into a full out ugly sore.

Here are a few ways to kill that canker sore before it gets bad. That’s right do any of these when you first feel a little burn or tear in your lip or mouth.

1) Cut a 1 inch chunk off an onion and rub it all over your lip. This will burn and it’s great because it’s working. Wait 30 seconds then re apply. Do this 5 times.

2) Buy some aloe juice and swish it around your mouth 4 times per day.

3) Cut up some fresh papaya fruit, or just find papaya tablets at the store. This also reverses the canker sore.

Here are two possible symptoms you might feel before a canker sore:

Burning feeling before sore appears.

Small, reddish cut or line on lip.

Why do people get canker sores?

Not enough vitamins 

A lot of problems with the skin and outermost layers of the body in (aka inside of the mouth) are due to vitamin deficiencies. Make sure to take a multivitamin daily!

Nutritional deficiencies

Several studies show that canker sores can be triggered when someone has a deficiency of folic acid, zinc, or iron.

Stressful stress

Stress can do many bad things to the body, that’s why we need to avoid it! Sores are actually tiny ulcers and lead to tissue inflammation in the mouth. Try to avoid stress on the body and also be careful not to brush too hard. Any physical stress or minor injury/cut can provoke a canker sore to your mouth or lip.


3 ways canker sore.jpg how to reverse a canker sore

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