How To Make Your Blog Go Viral

Last year, I posted a blog post that went viral. It led to 3 million hits on my website. Today I’m still seeing traffic in the thousands (on a daily basis) from that one article!

Since then I’ve had a few more blog posts that are getting shared in the thousands.

The internet is filled with different niches that cater to different interests. In today’s internet landscape, it’s a must as a blogger, that you formulate a strategy that can make your posts go viral.

how to go viralWhy is virality or contagious content important today?

Social media has become a staple in the attitude of online users. This means that with more shares and likes, more people can get to see your blog and be exposed to your brand.

So how do you exactly do this?

Know Your Niche if You Want To Go Viral

One of the best ways to turn a blog viral is to know your audience’s interests and their likes. You may even go the extra mile to discuss the most hated topics or create a really “curious headline”.

I love using “curious headlines” on Pinterest because it forces the user to click through to my blog.

Research Contagious & Mass Appeal Topics

So what are the things that many moms want to know or read? Do they have difficulty with balancing their time and work schedule? There are lot of topics that can suddenly get a readers attention depending on current lifestyle and the circumstances.

Be Unique With Your Presentation

Do you have numbers to back your claims in an infographic style piece? Or maybe, you can be satirical with some of your comments especially when making your point? These are different approaches on how you can get the attention of readers.

In fact, if you are simply following a generic line of thought, it is hard to be remembered especially now when there are millions of bloggers sprouting with similar content.

Utilize Different Internet Marketing Strategies

Do you have multiple social media accounts?

These are some of the best ways to promote the posts to your audience. Remember to always honor that platform you are using. The same message won’t work on every social media site. You need to build a solid social media marketing strategy in order to increase your blog’s traffic exponentially.

Find Your Voice

The right voice is important for any type of blog. Without a good voice, it’s possible that you are not going to connect with your niche the way you want. Though it takes practice, it is a skill that can readily be honed. It won’t happen over night, but with enough writing you will get there.

Be Consistent

Lastly, you need to keep the content coming. You want to make it a habit for your readers to look at your posts and get excited. That can’t happen without commitment and consistency.

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  1. Hello Susie, I read your post. Its really informative. I am also a new blogger I think your strategy will be helpful to me. I will try this system for my new blog. What you think about it?

  2. this is soo very helpful! i have been trying to get more traffic on my blog so any tips help!

  3. Great advice!

  4. Thanks for this post! I have been trying to get more viewers on my blog, these tips are great! :)

  5. Thank you for posting this! I believe this advice will help greatly because I’m a college student and on a budget of trying to spend as little money as possible to get traffic to my blog. I love helping people and I’m already reaching out to people nation-wide on my Facebook page! Now it’s just getting the traffic to my blog!! I definitely think this will help me reach out to more people!!

  6. You have some very good advice. I literally went live yesterday so everybit of advice is helpful.
    Thank you.

  7. These are great tips! I just recently started my own blog and am looking for all the help I can get to make it a success. Thank you for your post!

  8. Thanks for these tried-and-true tips. Pinning to Pinterest!

  9. This is great info. Thank you for the guidance!!!

  10. Thanks for the great advice. I am really trying to write a successful blog. I find consistency to be the hardest as I have a demanding job. I usually just want to relax when I get home

  11. Very wise advice! I am giving eye-theeth for my culinary blog (based upon web template ) to go to viral. It`s quite popular now, but I`m 100% positive that following your recommendations I will promote it to the greatest extent!

  12. Hi! I just started my blog last month and am trying to learn as much as I can to be successful in blogging. Thank you for the amazing tips. I am in love with your blog, it is so unique and classy… Very Cute! I am pretty young and trying to learn as much as I can about blogging as I love it so much. Thank you again!


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