How To: Get Happy Right Now!

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Are you happy? Are you struggling? Maybe a mix of both?


Learning to be happy with yourself, in the moment is such a great gift. After all, that’s why the present moment is in fact, a gift. If you are not happy with yourself, or your body, your income or your family balance you can become insecure. We all know this, right? You think you’re not good enough. You fear rejection, loneliness and other negative thoughts, right?


Why It Affects Everything


Let’s say you’re unhappy with your body. You think you are too fat, or too skinny. Your stomach is flabby, or loose, or covered in stretch marks. Just imagine the scenario that you’re unhappy with your body. What does that do to you? Well, you might be jealous of other women. You might be worried that you’re not attractive enough to keep your spouse interested in intimacy.

If you’re unhappy with your body, you might not want to look at it. You might obsessively under eat or binge eat, and then feel even worse about yourself. You might eat junk food to comfort your bad feelings, and then make the health problems worse. Or you shop to make yourself feel better, and you get deeply in debt. Or watch excessive television so you don’t have to think about all this.


There’s much more that’s possible, but you get the idea.


Why We’re Like This


There’s no one answer. It’s a building up of lots of reasons, including:


* Mass media. We see beautiful celebrities with perfect faces, stomachs, thighs, abs, chests and asses all over the place — on the Internet, on TV and movies, in magazines. Everywhere. We’re comparing ourselves to an illusion. But even if they were, why would we need to be like them? Why can’t we be like ourselves, and let that be the ideal?
* Comments from others. Friends, family members, co-workers, even spouses might make a seemingly innocent comment about our butt or boobs that makes us feel bad about ourselves. These comments are small but hit our self-esteem very hard.
* Childhood incidents. In childhood, perhaps our parents made some comments about us that made us feel bad. Perhaps our parents got a divorce, or our dad was never around — if dad left mom, maybe that meant she wasn’t good enough for him, and by extension maybe I’m not good enough for someone else? If dad left, maybe it’s because I wasn’t good enough for him?
* Failures. Perhaps we’ve made some mistakes and failed at some things we tried to do. Honestly, everyone does, but when we do it, we take it to heart.
* Spiral of negative thoughts. One bad thought leads to another, and then another, until we have a bundle of bad thoughts that become our self-image. This negative self-image can affect everything we do. But this self-image and these bad thoughts are not us — they are things that happen within us, but we don’t have to let them become us. We can cope with them, and turn them into positive thoughts, into gratitude, into happiness


How To: Get Happy Now


Getting to a more happy and healthy place right now is all about practice and commitment.  This will not be instant, it takes awhile, because our self-image wasn’t formed overnight and it won’t be changed overnight.


Here is a trick I learned from another blogger.


1. The mental movie. Pretend you have a movie that you plays inside your head. The movie is about who we are: you have a flabby stomach, you are fat, you are too skinny, you aren’t disciplined, you aren’t lovable, you don’t earn enough income, you aren’t good at anything. Start to pay attention when this movie plays — it affects everything you do. Realize that this movie isn’t you — it’s just playing in your head. Realize that it isn’t true, and isn’t based on reality. Realize that it can be changed.


2. Start to edit the movie. Let’s base this movie on reality, not fears from childhood or illusions of celebrities or comments from others. Instead, it should be based on the fact that you are a good person, wonderful even, who is loving, kind, beautiful, passionate. This might not be what you think about yourself, but let’s make the movie like this anyway. Ask other people why you’re lovable (people who are likely to give a kind answer). Use these images in your new movie. When negative images start coming up, cut them out and tell them they have no place in your production.


3. Consciously play the new movie. Put the new movie in your mind and play it. Practice this often.


(Note: Inspiration and quotes from


You are perfect, you just need to realize it. You don’t need to buy anything to feel happy, you already have the healing power inside you. You just need to practice! Share a little about how you find happiness in daily life. Go ahead and post a comment!


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  1. Susie thank you so much for this! I’ve heard something similar before but I’ve never really put it into practice-until now that is! God bless you!


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