How To Get A Bank Fee Removed

get a bank fee removed.jpgBe quick.

It’s a good idea to take care of a fee  right after you see it come up. Check your online transactions, bank statements or account often to see if any fees pop up. It’s super important to have a good relationship with your bank account. Sound dumb? The truth is people who pay more attention to what’s coming in and out of their bank account actually earn more!

Be clear.

A phone call should be your first go-to plan. If you are greeted with the lovely “press #1” for blah blah blah. Just hit zero until you get to a real live person. Once you have someone on the phone clearly and confidently say, “I have noticed a fee on my account, and I want to get it removed.”

Be nice.

When on the phone be sure to be nice. Being super polite has gotten me out of five possible traffic tickets, after getting pulled over. And…it’s also helped me get fees removed. I like this line when I’m dealing with a bank, “I’ve been a happy customer for quite some time, and it’s not like me to miss payments. I would be grateful to get the fee waived.”

If they say no, say, “You seem to be very knowledgeable, but may I please speak with someone in a management role.”

Be real.

Remember that the person on the other side of the situation is human too. Whether you call on the phone or go into a bank, be real. Explain your stance kindly, and if this doesn’t work be sure to let them know you will be transferring your accounts to a different bank.

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