How Military Wives Are Making a Living with Online Income

It’s no secret that military spouses often travel across the country – sometimes across the globe; wherever their spouses are assigned.

There’s an unfortunate reality that these women may go to school for one type of profession, however, constant re-assignments and deployments can get in the way.

Nikki Elledge Brown

Being an expert in online careers and businesses, I’ve wanted to create a resource for military spouses to fall back on. Especially, as I understand that moving all over the world can get in the way of contributing to their family’s income.

“Encouraging other military spouses to create income on their own terms is part of my big mama mission. It’s not always easy, but it is SO worth it. I’m just happy to show that it’s possible.” Nikki Elledge Brown

Yes, I’m suggesting that military wives can do work that they love and get paid from any location.

It is a matter of exploring opportunities and finding that perfect and flexible gig that works best for you. As long as you have an internet connection, you can easily be successful.

You Can Be A Journalist or Author From Home

“I am a journalist and author because I married a military officer and had to quit my job as a school admin”, says Linda Bauer.

If you are creative and love to write why not try make some money by using your talents. As Philip Pullman rightly said: “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

Graphic Design Jobs Are Easy to Do From Your Laptop

If you think that being a graphic designer requires a degree in fine arts, this is not always the case. There are self taught creative enthusiasts who are amazing graphic designers. As a modern graphic designer though, it is imperative that you have good photo editing skills too. You’ll also want to be social media savvy in order to promote your portfolio of work to prospects.

susan sonotro headshot

Freelance Copywriter and Bloggers Are Needed Now More Than Ever

Do you have a natural knack for writing? Why not write to earn full time or part time income?

“I have started blogging as a way to earn some money for my family and have a job that I can take anywhere. It also allows me to be flexible with my hours when my husband is deployed, ” says Susan Santoro of

Many military spouses become bloggers, freelance copywriters and authors. Businesses from all different industries are creating blogs and content as a means to get more eyeballs on their website. Let’s face it, there are lots of prospective buyers in every industry who are spending time online.

“As an active duty Army spouse I am also a professional blogger, author, motivational speaker and military spouse advocate that empowers the military spouse community on the issues that affect their daily life.” Judy Davis

judy davis

Administrative Jobs Are Also Applicable When Looking For Flex Work

These days, employers try cutting costs of hiring in-house employees as it entails more cost. Therefore, administrative jobs, such as secretarial responsibilities,  can be outsourced online. This is becoming popular.

As an administrator, it is possible that you would handle, plan meetings and your boss’ schedule. You will need basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, calendar scheduling and Excel to be a good fit for this job.

Advertising and PR Positions Need Internet Connection and Rockstar Skills

Advertising is a huge part of business today, along with PR. If you like using Facebook all day, why not put it into good use? You could be a great Advertising and PR expert who manages social media accounts for companies and individuals.

Technical knowledge of how to widen an audience through both paid and free methods will come in handy. In fact, this easy to learn job is now in such growing demand that it really can generate a full time income.

ashley strehl headshot“I work as the advertising executive for USMC Life, in charge of all national ads on the website and social media. I also write for the blog on different topics mostly related to fashion and beauty. My number one advice I tell new spouses is to ‘be flexible’ the plans will always change, what matters is how you react to it” Ashley Strehl

Bilingual Jobs Are Growing As Our Marketplace Becomes More Global

What some military spouses learn, because of the constant change of address, is a new language. You can monetize this knowledge by receiving translation or tutoring jobs. You can translate text or take calls in the form of customer service work.

These are both bilingual job opportunities that can pay decently, not to mention, you do not have to leave the house.

Business Development Jobs Are Always Needed, If You Have the Skill and Self Motivation

Building a business from scratch can be quite a challenge. If you have the sales background to handle such matters, you can make great money.

Marie Roker Jones headshot“Before you embark on starting an online business, I would suggest you research the type of business you want to start and get a feel for how much time and/or money you will need to invest.  Educate yourself about your chosen industry!… Use social media to get to know your target audience as well as build a support network for yourself. It’s important to share and connect with other like-minded women who can offer you valuable feedback.   Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.”

Marie Roker-Jones Url:

reina“We launched our website a year and a half ago and found out we were moving to England 6 months later! However… I believe we make it work by being organized, having clear goals and making a plan for each week/month of what you want to get accomplished.” Reina Smyth

Customer Service Jobs Will Always Be Available on Part Time Schedules

Receiving calls, handling support emails and assisting customers is no longer required in an office, especially when there is software like Skype. Online training can be done in order to teach you the technical know how’s of the products and services of your employer.

So, What Am I Saying?

If you have an idea, a drive, a passion or skill, you can make it profitable online. We have the tools to create almost any kind of income stream online or within a flexible schedule format. So, it’s up to you to choose. Make excuses or make results. But you can not have both.

I hope you’ve been inspired!

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  1. Thank you for sharing ideas on opportunities available for military spouses. It can be so challenging to establish a career and move again and again and again. You’ve provided a wonderful resource here for other military spouses.

  2. Thank you Susan for being part of the article! I hope it will stir up ideas for many military wives. God bless you & your hubby for your sacrifices :)

  3. Thank you for all these wonderful ideas. Where can we find such employments?

    • Tiffany, I am always making connections in my local community, I attend events and I also use!

      Hope this helps.


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