Fitness Inspiration: Do It Anyway!

Last night my girlfriend and I went to the gym. We signed up back in November and have not been quite as committed as we should have been.

As I tried out different weight lifting machines, I finally got hooked on the leg press and got “in the zone”. As I sat there surrounded by teenage boys pumping iron, flexing in the mirror and grunting I noticed one particular 15 ish year old boy. He was overweight, in that gawky phase of life.

And I kid you not he was wearing purple sweat pants and a bright red T-shirt. He was moving diligently from machine to machine.

And would you believe it.

This kid inspired me!

Not the scantily clad women or the teenage guys in their wife beaters with bulging muscles. No! It was that overweight kid in the purple sweat pants. God bless him!

He had the mind set: DO IT ANYWAY!

So what if you are not the hottest person in the gym!

So what if you have 50 more lbs to lose than most people!

So what if you think its hard!


Ps: Next week, I’m committing to jumping back into ZUMBA. Hence the photo lol!









Live Fruitfully,



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