A Review of 2013 and a New Year Video

I am a warrior. I don’t look like a typical warrior but hear me out, for a few minutes.

When you believe in something with all your soul, do you fight for it?

It took me some time to find my voice, but, when I look around, I see a world that needs more people who not only stand for wholesome values but fight for them too.

I don’t want to hide my faith in God, I don’t want to apologize to anyone for being a pro life, pro family, pro love kind of woman. These are elements of light and life!

As we look into the new year I am so excited for the moments I plan to create, and for the lives I want to impact!


Don’t be fooled, you need to take control of your life and gain clarity!

Mainstream media is happy to feed us garbage all day long (murders, vampires, fear, revenge, anger, blah, blah, crap). So I want to help you combat that negative energy.

I have this calling to fight for my morals, values and for instilling some level of inspiration in people. I won’t get all gloom and doom, but we all know the world needs more LOVE, RESPECT, GRACE, HARD WORK, and FORGIVENESS.

We need to give more focus and effort into creating lives we are proud of.

Why the sudden fire under my buns?

God gave me a message a few weeks ago.

He said to me, “Susie, you are one of mine. You are my soldier. Don’t be fooled by the earthly body I’ve given you. I want you to stand up for the good in this world and bring light to those who are lost.”

Now that’s a real powerful message to get! When God talks to you, you LISTEN!


I started my blog in 2012, it was a creative outlet for expression, marketing testing (I’m a total tactical nerd) and it was fun!

But I didn’t see the typhoon coming…

I never thought I would reach over 3 million websites visitors, meet Jack Canfield, get featured in Women’s World magazine, start a membership training site, and sit down for coffee with one of the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank in San Jose, California.

But I have!

And you know what? None of this was by accident.

God placed me in each one of those moments for a reason. He has plans coming up for me that are unreal. I’m letting Him guide me by giving up my control and trusting in Him.

So what do you do when you are given a platform? You stand up and you touch lives. You stand for your beliefs and you give your gifts to the world.

There are no gifts that are not meant to be shared.

Every person is born with gifts, light and passion! Stir yourself up! Find your calling and make 2014 and insanely, amazing year. I know I will.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ― Napoleon Hill


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  1. Okay, holy moly encouraging! Your inspiration is contagious! Thank you for sharing your heart. I’m a regular reader and I just love your blog. There is something strikingly different about it, and it is just so darn attractive! Your love for The Lord and passion to live out his calling is evident. Keep it up, sister! You’re an inspiration!

    • Thanks for the love Carrie! Hope you stay in touch!


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