A Day in the Life of a Freelance Social Media Manager

a day in the life.jpgIt isn’t all that long ago that the role didn’t even exist, yet now it seems new people are taking to the web as a ‘social media expert’ every day. My journey started 4 years ago when I left my event management job to pursue a passion for online engagement, relationship management and consumer psychology. I soon found myself working at an advertising agency as a Community Manager (another term for a social media manager) and had an amazing time working with brands such as Nutella, TIC TAC, Kinder Surprise, Sportscraft, Kleenex and many more. Over time my role evolved but I never lost that underlying passion for finding innovative ways to connect with customers.

I am now lucky enough to run my own business and a big part of that is social media for a number of clients from all types of industries – from health professionals to frozen fish products. I wanted to share a typical day of a Freelance social media manager based on my own experience. I’ll start by pointing out, as a Social Media manager, you will NEVER have typical day. It keeps you on your toes, there is always more to do, and new techniques, updates and software to get your head around – but that is why I love it!

This is what you can expect:

8am (or earlier if you can – my day normally starts at 7am at the latest)

Get to it early. If there is spam or inappropriate comments you want to get to it and deal with it before either the client or other fans see it. Avoid the morning client phone call or email and check all the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin (and any other) channels early.
Reply to all the comments, pass any relevant feedback or questions to the client as needed and do all other housekeeping on the pages as necessary. Social media doesn’t sleep so you need to give that impression!


Take a quick look at emails for anything urgent – look after that and then check Google Alerts and Hootsuite for mentions of the brand along with any other software you use to track this. Then check the other keywords you track to find interesting content.


Look at all the content scheduled to go out that day. Add in anything you think is useful from your 9am check and then schedule all the posts for the day using Hootsuite or similar.


Take a little bit of a mental break before you go cross eyed from all the typing, copying, pasting and clicking. And then start on the emails that have come in from clients.


Check in again to all the pages to make sure that posts have been well received and moderate any comments, questions etc, dealing with them appropriately.


Time for a spot of lunch – get out of the office as to not stare at the computer and spend your ‘free time’ on Facebook.


Time for another quick check of the pages – people tend to check Facebook on their lunch break so it’s good to do a double check after lunch.


Prepare a report for client updating them on performance of their social media presence. Each client should receive one at least once a month.


Take time out to create some new content for the pages. I like to ensure each page has at least a week of content written ahead of time – some clients prefer a whole month and this will depend on the need for ‘immediate and timely’ content. It’s good to tackle this in small chunks each day rather than have a whole day of content writing at the end of each week or month.


Another look over all the pages again.


Time to put your feet up! Get away from the computer and unwind.


You’ll wanna do one last check before you go to bed. It just means less surprises in the morning. You don’t have to – but it tends to make the morning run smoother. The internet does not sleep!

It you set up your systems and keep to your ‘checking’ times – you will find that it’s not as stressful as it seems to manage several pages. Once you get into a routine, the day will flow and you are able to get faster and more efficient and checking and moderating all the different channels.

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Louise Griffiths is a marketing consultant and coach who specialises in helping coaches and consultant make the most out of their online marketing efforts. She firmly believes that every small business can create a robust and effective marketing strategy for attracting quality leads and converting them to paying customers and brand advocates. For more information visit louisegriffiths.com

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