5 Tips for Organizing Baby Clothes

I had my first baby in September of 2011. Enter Noella Faye.

Naturally, we have accumulated LOTS of baby clothes. Not to mention, the loads of maternity clothes that I acquired as well.

Since I work from home, you would think I have lots of time to organize, but these 5 tips sure help make the process easy and painless.

I would be nuts to get rid of all the clothes people have given us. As a young family, I know we will save money in the future if we are blessed with more kids!

The best way to organize all the clothes is to separate it into bins or use the air tight vacuum bags.

Here are 5 tips to help you with this process:

1) Give some items away.

Use this time to sort. Make a pile to give away to charity/donate.

2) Label bins by size.

Ex) Baby girl 0-6 months, Baby boy 12-24 months, Mommy maternity/Size Large

3) If you don’t have a basement…

Store the clothes in a clean, clear garbage bag and then put the whole thing into a labeled bin. Then you can put the bins in an attic or garage. This cuts down on mustiness.

4) Miscellaneous items.

Have a separate bin for miscellaneous items like: hats, gloves, jackets, Halloween costumes etc.

5) Creative Tip!

Once your kids are grown, turn the baby clothes into a memory quilt by using bits and pieces of fabric from various outfits!



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