3 Amazing All Natural Remedies for Teething Babies

Is your little angel acting not so angelic lately? Up late, crying, putting their fingers in their mouths?

Yep, sounds like teething time! Teething usually takes several months, but as many moms know, some days are just worst than others.

When Noella started teething, I had a few “tricks”, so I want to share them.

Here  are 3 amazing ways to soothe your precious little ones gums during this not-so-fun phase.

And yes! They are ALL NATURAL, DRUG FREE remedies.

Let’s go, shall we:

1) A Cold Spatula (place in freezer before use)

2) Warm or Cold Wash Cloth (baby will love to suck on this)

3) Mesh Teether Toy (with ice cubes inside)

 all natural teething remedies for babies.jpg

Any other remedies that have worked for you?

Please comment below!

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