10 Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

10 way to celebrate anniversary by StayAtHomeSusie.comIt’s not a secret that staying in a happy relationship is somewhat rare these days.

With rising divorce rates and couples deciding to go separate ways, your annual anniversary is an event to celebrate!

Whether it’s your first year together or your 50th, it is something worth celebrating. So what are the best ways on how you can celebrate your anniversary?

Here are 10 suggestions that cover the simple to the outrageous!

1. Backpacking Together as a Couple

Are you the type of couple who used to be adventure buffs back in the day? Backpacking is a good way to travel. It’s cheap, and it doesn’t require a lot of planning.

The good thing with backpacking is that you never have to worry about the transportation. It’s all about the journey and never about your destination.

2. Find a Perfect Beach

One of the most romantic destinations is a peaceful beach. For people who love to go to beaches, you have a number of options in the US. Or feeling extra spontaneous? Take a trip to an island!

3. Prepare a Dinner at Home

If you have  cooking skills, who said that you have to go out and have your dinner?

Of course, it’s a good thing to cook on your own! There are actually a lot of  fun elements to cooking together. You can tweak the meals according to each other’s palates without having the effort to go to a fancy restaurant.

4. Rock Climbing Adventure

If you both have active lifestyles, why not set up a rock climbing activity that you both can enjoy?

This is a great thing especially if you are looking to also have a good workout. Some couples do not have a good workout together because of their different activities. On your special day, why not get fit and still have fun in the process?

5. Watch Movies at Home

Thanks to Netflix it’s now possible to have a fun, cozy movie experience at the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about lines, or paying a great amount of money.

6. Do Yoga Together

Women love yoga. They do these things as a form of workout and meditation. It’s a relaxing escape. Why not try a yoga class as a couple? Perhaps you’ll find some real bonding time.

7. Exotic Dinner

Ever tried an exotic dinner? A lot of couples go for fancy restaurants whenever they are trying to celebrate their anniversary. If you want something new, why not outer worldly types of foods that you may just find appetizing after all.

8. Have Alone Time for the Whole Day

One of the challenges as you progress through your relationship is having an alone time. Alone time becomes rare when kids become involved. You have to understand that it is crucial for husband and wife to be having an intimate time together!

9. Get an Anniversary Massage

One of the best ways to relax is by having a massage. When you get a massage, not only do you get rejuvenated, but you also feel relieved from the day to day stress. If you do not like going to the spa, why not massage each other? That is a great way to become intimate with your significant other.

10. Get a Fun Portrait as a Couple

Having a good portrait is staple in any relationship. Who said it’s only for engagements and weddings? This can serve as remembrance to the things that you’ve been through all these years. Why not have a good photo every anniversary? You can cherish memories this way.


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